Most people don’t think of aging as a futuristic concern other than increasing life span… Oh yay people live to be 150 now. Awesome… But actually that isn’t the relevant issue and is in accurate.

The issue revolving around again is that when it is solved (yes I think it’s solvable) people will instantly stop aging. Over night. A fix will come and magically you won’t age any longer. Maybe you will even get younger.

How is it that this would happen? The human cells are extremely good at repairing themselves. So why is it that we age at all? Something is missing. Some part of our cells deteriorate and do not regenerate the way they once did.

Isaac Arthur mentioned something about mitochondria. Need to research this.

But, imagine. Imagine what would happen with our culture. Maybe it’s a pill or a shot or something every year. There would have to be some laws or control put in place with regard to reproduction. People aren’t dying so maybe we should slow our population growth. Employment would have issues. People wouldn’t retire because their bodies weren’t ready. Then again… They are now centuries old and their investments have done well.

Some people will not take the pills aging and dying as normal. Some would stop taking the pill. Essentially aging and dying. Maybe after so many years people would take up extreme sports where death is a high likelihood. Maybe there is some entertainment factor (net show or something) watching people do crazy things with a hope of dying…or winning.

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