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Ancient Blue Cedar “Big Sam”

Age: 1123
Height: 130′
The kids gathered in the hollow interior of big sam for the monthly puppet show. The kids love being with big sam almost as much as the puppet show itself. The kids all stumble in wresling around and are sure to say hello to big sam. “hellow big sam!” They cheer. Many go and hug him around the trunk though it is more like hugging a wall because he is so huge. They mingle around as if in an adult cocktail party laughing and joking as they wait for the show to begin. Generally the puppet show is put on by gage 8 art sarpows. The shows range from action to romance and even history.
“alright kids gather around,” says xxx, ” the show is about to begin.” You could feel the ground rumble slightly with big sams anticipation.
As the play commenced there were jokes and big sam would bellow a deep low rumble of a laugh. There would be action and suspense and the kids and big sam would ohhh and ahhhh.

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