Ara Pauline Clearwater

Name: Ara Pauline Clearwater
Family: The Springs. But she originally came from Bogside.
Age: 142
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 200
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: green
Stature: squat
Personality: outgoing. Talkative. Loving. Emotional
talents: bird call, fish call
Voice: southern belle


Husband: Barsom Edward Clearwater

Love Interest: Gruvech Andrew Blackmore. These 2 were meant for each other. She is so outgoing and he is silent and reserved. They were deeply in love until he fell ill and Killed the elder. She tried for a long time to get him to snap out of it. After the parasite he was never the same and he knew it.

Father: Antig William Greenmire
Mother: Charpin Amelia Greenmire

Brother: Billet Thomas Greenmire.
Sister: No Sister.

Mortal enemy:
Best friend:

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