Creatures – River

With a great sense of optimism xxxx began class today. “Gage 1ers, today we will be attempting to locate 3 specific creatures of the river. The parketor, micro shad, and schooling snakes. Prepare your questions. Keep your distance and open your heart so that they may accept us into their world.”
Many of the Gage 1ers had seen parketor as they are extremely friendly and enjoy playing with people. They look like Chipmunk sized penguins. They may also have seen micro shad but had no idea what they were. Schooling Snakes, on the other hand, is something far more sinister that is only visible on rare occasions.
They began to walk to the river bank. Laughing and joking as they went. The boys were pushing and practicing rock throws. The girls were watching flowers dance and smelling the tree blooms bouquet. They could hear the gurgling rumble of the river and the quacking chatter of the parketor near by.
As they approached an opening near the river bank xxxx tripped and fell. Quickly all the parketor began to cackle in amusement.
None too pleased xxxx started, “hey! That’s not funny. That hurt.” The parketor roared once more and quickly dove into the water and darted to the center of the river.
“As you can see kids, the parketor are incredibly social creatures that love to have fun. Often times playing practical jokes on people and other creatures.” Said xxxx. “They are easily called as they truly enjoy performing for us. Music can help this but is not needed.”
XXXX closed her eyes and opened her arms high and wide as all the Gage 1ers gathered around her on the bank. She opened her heart to the parketor.
Quickly, as if they new it was coming, the parketor circled up and began a beautifully choreographed dance. Circles and jumps. Splashes and quacks. The children laugh as the parketor in unison splashed xxxxx. “Ohhhh you little parkys! Why? Every time  kids.” She spat through dripping lips.
The parketors halted their dance as the show was over. The children where delighted.
“You have all seen Parkys before. One thing to know is there dance is dependent upon the openness of your heart. They use there dance to ward off predators.” Teaching was going well for her today.
The parkys gathered towards the near side of the river. Jumping, diving, circling around at random.
“What are they doing now?” Asked cccc.
With appreciation xxxx responded with, “oh good! It appears as if we will get a chance to see our second creature of the day. The Schuks. The schuks are tiny feeder fish that gather in schools. The parketor have found a school and are eating lunch.”
The schuks are tiny creatures no bigger than a tadpole. But they gather together in schools of tens of thousands. They move through the river as a giant storm cloud feeding on algae and other small organisms.
The parketors dive into the schuks. They easily clear out of the was as if they were smoke. The schuks were not always lucky. The parkys were definitely getting their share.
“What is that?” Exclaimed dddd. Xxxx eyes widened with horror as she peered down river to a small assaulting wave. It wasn’t a huge wave but she knew what it was.
“Step away from the edge children. Step back now!” XXXX with serious concern began to open her heart to the parketor. She hoped to give them warning.
At that moment the wave had gotten to the  schuks and a few of the parkys who hadn’t noticed. Black slimy strings rolled and slithered over the top of the schuks. The Kerpics had arrived. They are a sinister group of schooling snakes each about a foot long. They come in packs of about 150. They will slither around their pray slicing with their dorsal blade. They don’t hold their pray, they just circle it like a meat grinder until there is nothing left. Today they had started to work on some parkys and some schuks.
“We have to help them!” Said one of the students.
“No!” Belted xxxx. “They must be left alone.  It is nature’s way.”
At that moment the parketors begin to dance a violently fast maneuver each in succession. So fast that looked like a stone grinding wheel whirling at tremendous speed. Each pass a parky would stab a kerpic. Some times just maiming, sometimes completely impaling the kerpic and leaving it to die.
“Are they fighting back?”
“Yes! Their dance can be defensive.”
The Kerpics began to feel the clash of the parkys. Just as quickly as they had come they had left. The wave, slightly smaller, and a little less sinister, though still lethal as ever.
The children stood silently. Some cried. The parketors gathered up their fatally wounded. There was no more cackling laughter only whimpering whines Mourning their loss. The did a quick somber dance for the dead and then were gone.
The schuks were almost completely decimated. There was no more cloud. No more school. Those that survived are long one looking for a new school.
“Children” XXXX said with tears in her eyes. “This is the way of nature. There are predators. There is death and dying. But there is also rebirth. The dawn of new beginings.”

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