Cyborg Alternative

Long ago, well not that long ago, the human race had a decision to make. The decision was to partially live or fully die. AI was at a tipping point. Breakthroughs coming all the time. Many of the visionaries of the day warned of the dangers of AI. It was a futile effort. Very quickly the options for a future with humans in it dwindled. Sure, there were options but those options were not great. Torturous even. But the species would survive at least for a little while longer. The most promising solution didn’t seem like much of a solution. Seemed like destructive modifications to the human race. Join with the machines. Become… Cyborg. The things of science fiction are here and they are us. If we become a cyborg then our brains would merely be assisted by the ai that is controlled by our brains. Our biology would control our technology.

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