The natural death of an individual is a celebration. Their soul goes into the beyond. Whatever term I create for the after life. Soul sending. The soul moves to the afterlife. To later return. Rebirth. Soul returning. Also the distribution of power. This happens immediately upon death. If the body doesn’t go through soul returning then that soul stays as a ghost. Death consumption. Maybe a person takes an elixir that enables them to consume all powers of the dead person. Those powers are called kargun. The older and more powerful have more karguns.
Under normal circumstances the karguns will travel to those family and close friends. Some to some and more to others. No one knows how or why this chosen.
This can be manipulated by proximity of the death and elixirs.
Increased number of karguns increases the ability to get nature to do your bidding. If you have enough karguns you can force nature to kill a person. Destroy buildings. You can control predator animals. Lions tigers snakes. Spiders. Sharks. Wolves. Some animals can be considered both peaceful and violent. Dogs. Birds.

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