Town name:
Swirling pool
Red rock hill
Gray hills
Sagwood bog
Fares river
High water springs
Dark wood forest
Sway plains
Big drop cave
Rock fall ridge – (there is a zip line for gathering rocks that goes for about a quarter of a mile from the ridge to the west bank of sagwood bog. Rocks only, no people)
Poyta mountains
Swara peak
Moffet cliffs
ancient blue cedar – “big sam”
Tree bend bridge (secret)
The village is located on the edge of red rock hill and the sagwood bog. Red rock hill is in the gray hills and a small river, called fares, runs on the outskirts of town. There is a natural spring that provides fresh water at the base of the hills to the west. It is green and mossy.  It is warm most of the time. Average daytime temperature is 76 degrees. Night time dips to just over 50 in the spring and no less then 70 in the summer. They have 3 seasons per year with no true winter. Spring is wet and long with a good amount of rain. The plants have so completely shrivalled up from the rapid fall that the spring seems very slow. Much of the first half is just budding leaves and just moss. The grass is sparse still and comes much later in spring with the full leaves. Summer is long and dry in terms of percipitation, but they live near a bog. The bog tends to dry up in the summer. And when I say dry up, I mean there is only about an inch of water and some places you can walk without getting your ankles muddy. The flowers are enormous and provide an extrodinary aroma. The leaves are huge too and provide wonderful shade from the hot sun and make an erie whistle as the wind blows through them. Especially at night. This is called treesong and is celebrated regularly. Fall is a very preculiar season. it is fairly short and nature changes very dramatically. The leaves on the trees turn brown and fall very quickly. The plant life seems to die quickly but more of a hybernation. It is very sudden and lasts about 3 weeks.
There are a number of professions. Blacksmith, farmer both livestock and crops, fur. They are mainly a fishing community that uses fence traps in the bog to gather the fish. Fence fishing is a method in which a team of people go out into shallower areas of the bog and set up fences . They are small fences maybe a foot tall and come in 3-4 foot lengths. The fences are placed in such a way as to create a corral for the fish. It has a wide open end and a pocket where the fish are directed. Once the fences ar in place the team goes out to a point out in front of the wide openning to the corral. They then walk towards the opening scaring the fish towards the corral. Once the fish are all in the coral the team places fences to close off the wide opening thus finish the corral and trapping the fish. The fis are then caught using a net which can be a wet dramatic event as people are jumping around and fish are splashing. they only take fish the size of a grown mans forearm. They set free those fish that are too small. They believe strongly in allowing fish to live a long full live before the villagers will absorb their souls. each team tends to catch close to 20 fish in each wrangling and that feeds about 20 families for 3 days and provides oil for a family for about a week. They never fish in the same place more then twice a year. They use al parts of the fish. The oil from the fat is used for oil lamps. scales are used, bones for needlework and sewing and arrow and spear tips. Joper is an old wise village set amongst the lush trees and a spiritually close knit community.

Housing and buildings home life:
The houses are wood. Some stone. Most homes are build by the entire community after a wedding. Generally food is prepared over a fire in front of the home by the laneway. Imagine in the evening all the homes having fires going all along the dirt road. It is a very beautiful sight. Every normally sits outside while food is being prepared, kids play in the dark, tag or hunters. The father and mother generally cook food together and there are many bonding moments over food. It is a sacred time as treesong revs up and firelight grows and the warmth of food in the belly. Meals are generally stews along with grilled fish or other game. Remnants are secured in a box until next morning to use parts. The beverage of choice is either water or shax. And there is always someone playing a flute. People dance and laugh and tell stories. There is no electricity. Everything is tourches and candles and oil lamps.
Marriage and relationships:
As a young man courts a young woman in joper he must provide the father with a dowery. This is basically money or goods that will ensure secured in his daughters future life with the young man. In joper that dowery consists of 3 things. 1. An acceptable site for a home. This means free from danger and has essentials to survive. 2. He must gather all building material required to build an adequate home for he, his future wife, and at leasy 2 children. Wood is acceptable, buy stone requires much more committment a true sign of future success. 3. He must feed the entire family of the young woman he is courting for a month. This shows that he has the necassary skills to provide for a family. With all that completed finally the young woman must agree to take the man.
As a young couple gets married there is later a house raising celebration. A family does not begin without a home. all materials have been gathered for the dowry thus the house is built rather quickly. Normally les than a week.

Every friday night during the spring and late summer the villagers have a celebration/ritual to honor the treesong. There is song and dance food and good time. There are moments as the wind picks up where the entire village is silent breathing deeply, smelling the aroma and hearing the treesong. This is known in their religion to get them closer to nature. The closer they are to nature the more abundant nature becomes to them.
Drugs and alcohol:
Shax is a liquor made from trre sap. Mellon bier is beer made from mellons and wheat.
Forbiddens: Some people are known to smoke ressel grass.  And others drink a tea made from borgan root pulp. It is like a steroid. And others eat the peddles from the ming flower. It is a hallucinagenic.
Other communities:
Joper has a number of communities surrounding them in a 50 mile radius.
Sadiff is west of them on the other side of the gray hills. They are a farming community that has bakers that make amazing bread. They are peaceful and often visit to hear the treesong. It is 2 days travel to get there.
Krawlton is to the south. They are a hunting community and very violent. Their economy is based on meat and alcohol. They live in a wooded area and make a liquor called shax from the sap of the trees. They consume too much shax and often fight each other in their drunkin state. Some have died from wounds recieved from drunkin fights. It is 3 days to krawlton.
To the northeast is perch. It is prairie lands where the community heards a type of short haired sheep for milk, cloth they weave and meat. It takes less then a day to get to perch. Trading between perch and joper is prevelent.
It is said that there are other communities farther out but they are just myth. It is also said the the world is a great big ball where people actually live on the other side of the ball.

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