Kara Jordan Sandas

Main group female #1
Name: Kara jordan sandas “kj”
Age: 12
Height: 5′
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Blond hair
Eyes: blue eyes
Stature: athletic, curvy, toned, tanned
Personality: rebelious, out going, optimistic.
Talents: rock throw, archery, swimming, running, tree climb, sheep riding, tumbling, knot tyeing, plant/animal/fish call, animal kill, math, element calling.
Voice: strong smooth. Well spoken and articulate.
Weaknesses: anything art (though she loves to dance), history, geography, orienteering, fire starter, hot spot
Gage: 4
Rank: Sarpo

Father: Brix Michael Sandas
Mother: harrup sherry sandas
Brother (older 3 years): jartiv harry sandas
Brother (older 1 year): worfic phillip sandas

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