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Knight Fire – Origin

“Old and feeble. I watched my love age as my body was a physical specimen as if chiseled from stone. I watched her die as I didn’t age a day. Thousands of sunsets and sunrises I watched the world grow. People would come and then later die. I outlast them all. I should have died with her. But, I didn’t.”

The battle of big ugly witch guy. We, 1200 strong went to free those enslaved by big ugly witch guy. Those being murdered for existing. We had battled through the dusk. We battled the cursed army of witches. We barely made a dent. In fact, we were on the verge of defeat. Magical bombs exploded around us. I had driven the enemy back and there he was. Big Ugly Witch Guy sat on a throne carried to the battle field. He sat completely still. Almost as if he were bored. He didn’t want to be bothered. This was my chance. Maybe all of this could be stopped. One stab of my dagger. Straight to the heart… if he had one. I ran with all the energy left in my bones. As I surged he slowly rose from his throne. Just as my blade was inches from his chest everything froze. Time stopped. Silence all around. Arrows suspended in mid flight. I saw the glare on my blade. A split second later ear splitting scream wells in my brain. An explosion of light. The next moment I found myself falling in the darkness until I splashed into a small pool of water. I kneeled and took a breath. At that moment the edges of the pool began to catch fire. the Fire quickly surrounded all the edges and lit the cave. It began to grow and engulf the entire pool. I was swallowed up and burned alive.

I don’t know how long I was there. I woke lying on the edge of the pool. I was alive. But how? Where am I? Where are my soldiers and the bug ugly witch guy? I didn’t have any answers. I was alone in the solitude of this fiery cave. The pool still alight with flames. I noticed my lower body was still in the pool and scrambled to safety. How did I not get burned?

For a moment I wondered if I had in fact died. No way to know. Strangely I longed for the fire in the pool. Cautiously I reached out and touched the flames. Nothing. No heat. No Burning. I turned my hand over slowly as the flames lapped all around as if tickled by a kittens whiskers.

Here I am impermeable to fire and trapped in a cave. Not knowing if I am alive or dead or how long I have been here. Fire water was being fed by a small flow of water coming down the slope of the cave. I followed it. Maybe it could lead me to freedom. There were tunnels leading in many directions. I continued to follow the water. The ceilings were low and getting lower. Finally, I had to crawl and there it was. A small light ahead. Freedom. The sky shown in as a star in the sky. The tunnel got smaller and smaller. I was horrified to discover the hole was about the size of an apple. Far to small for my huge frame and armor to escape. Trapped once again. I thought of my love back in … my homeland… I raged and kicked and punched to no avail. I slumped on the floor in defeat.

At that moment, the ceiling gave way crushing my legs. That moment. A single moment. I prepared a scream in my mind and before it reached my mouth the light came. The flame engulfed me. I became the flame. As the flame I rushed out the apple size hole. I reached and rolled and flowed until I finally came to rest beside a giant oak at the bottom of the hills. I was fully armored. Shiny bronze tint. My sword in hand. I don’t know how I became fire. I don’t know how the armor is new and how I am wearing it. But here I stand.

As I turn and gaze upon the hills I realize I am looking at the ruins of a giant dragon head sculpture that had long since succumb to the elements. The hole was the nostril and I am free. Where am i? Am I alive? How long have I been here? What of my love?

I began my journey home.

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