Hindif Diana Bogstar

Name: Hindif Diana BogstarFamily: BogsideAge: 10Height: 4’10”Weight: 165 lbsHair: Brown Eyes: brown Stature: stocky, a little chunky, big girlPersonality: Talents: Voice:Education: Weaknesses: Fears:Gage: Rank: Father:  Bumog Barney Bogstar “bug”Mother: Bergon Cynthia BogstarSister (8): Padig Vicki BogstarSister (14): Wispin Ruth BogstarBrother (12): Pog Jessie Bogstar


Brix Michael Sandas

Name: sandasAge: 34Height: 6’6″Weight:250Hair: brownEyes: brownStature: brawnyPersonality: good ole country redneckProfession: hunter talents: Voice: southern drawEducation: Weaknesses:  Daughter: Kara Jordan Sandas (13) Wife: Father: Mother: Brother: Sister: Mortal enemy:Best friend:


Pog Jessie Bogstar

Main group male #1:Name: Pog Jessie Bogstar Family: BogsideAge: 12Height: 5’6″Weight: 165 lbsHair: Brown Eyes: brown Stature: stocky, a little chunky, big boyPersonality: kind hearted. Gentle. He defends his friends.Talents: rock throw, animal kills, fire starter, history, geography, cooking, and anything musical.Voice: much bass. deep accent, slow spoken.Education: (MAY HAVE TO RE-WRITE THIS. I view him as… Continue reading Pog Jessie Bogstar


Wispin Ruth Bogstar

Name: wispin ruth blogstarAge: 14Height: Weight:Hair: Eyes: Stature: thick, strong, beautifulPersonality: talents: Voice: Education: Weaknesses: Gage: 5Rank: sarpowFather: Mother:Brother: pog blogstarSister: hindif diana blogstarSister: padig vicki blogstarMortal enemy:Best friend: Bristyn Winnie River


Sax Roger Crate

Name: Sax Roger CrateAge: Height: 5′Weight: 100 lbsHair: BlackEyes: BlueStature: Medium build. Big but not huge.Personality: mean. Aggressive. Demanding. Self centered.talents: Just about everything. Except music and art.Voice: mid range. Slight accent.Education: always ahead of the class.Weaknesses:  music and art.Gage: 4Rank: FarnpotFather: Mother:Brother: Sister:Mortal enemy:Best friend:


Kara Jordan Sandas

Main group female #1Name: Kara jordan sandas “kj”Age: 12Height: 5′Weight: 90 lbsHair: Blond hairEyes: blue eyesStature: athletic, curvy, toned, tannedPersonality: rebelious, out going, optimistic.Talents: rock throw, archery, swimming, running, tree climb, sheep riding, tumbling, knot tyeing, plant/animal/fish call, animal kill, math, element calling.Voice: strong smooth. Well spoken and articulate.Education: Weaknesses: anything art (though she loves to… Continue reading Kara Jordan Sandas