Plant/Animal/Fish Call

“This is an extremely important skill for you to learn,” began xxxxx. “Calling on all things wild takes time and patience.”
Xxxx was sax’s older brother, barely gage 6 sarpow, he really thought he knew it all about plant animal fish calls and was definitly going to make someone look foolish.  He did know more then us gage 4s and we are stuck with him for at least a week.

“The most important aspects are belief and sincerity. Connect spiritually to nature and the plants and animals will know what’s in your heart. Only then will a successful call be made. Todays call will be fish. It is important to be very quiet and to move slowly. The goal today is to get in your heart the desire to see the beauty of the fish. Nothing else but the beauty of the fish. Derbin, why don’t you go first?”
This was an agonizing proposition. Going first was always a bad thing. It always led to the first failure. this was xxxxx way of enforcing his authority and would make him look good after derbin fails and he mocks him and calls a fish.
“Everyone come and lie by the edge of the river beside derbin. Derbin, focus on the beauty you know of fish. Build the desire in your heart to see that beauty. Close your eyes and focus on that desire in your heart. Put your hands in the water. Begin to circle your hands counter clockwise focusing on your hearts desire. whisper softly the name of the fish you wish to call.”

Derbin had heard stories of a beautiful fish that has the colors of the rainbow and long flowing fins that resemble that of the hair of a beautiful woman. These were just stories because no one has seen one in over 50 blooms. He would love to show his brothers that he really can call. And boy would KJ be impressed. The desire was building in derbins heart. More then he has ever felt before. And he wispered.
“Krum higet.” He continued to circle his hands and whisper the fish’s name. “Krum higet.” The time passed agonizingly slowly. He began to feel doubt creep in. though his desire was greater than ever before. “Krum higet.” He circled smaller with his hands. He knows that KJ will think no differently of him if he is unable to call a fish. But his brothers will never let him hear the end of it. “please! Krum Higet.” His head slumped softly as he was about to admit failure when he heard another student whisper, “there!” Derbin’s head jerked up much quicker then it should have in fish call but he had to see for himself. Another student, “Yeah, I see it. What is that? Is it a falley wargon? Or a dub silter?” The teacher said with a glazed look in his eyes, “No kids, that is a Krum Higet.” The teacher was about to fall over. Derbin had done it. He had called the Krum higet. His heart was about to explode. He, derbin blaine river, had called the legendary fish. And there were witnesses. At that moment the Krum Higet lept through the air in the most graceful of moves and slipped back it the water without a splash. His heart began to speak, “thank you, thank you, thank you, you beautiful creature.” The teacher quietly said, “students you have seen something today that you may never see again. When ever doing a call, your heart must also show appreciation and gratitude for what they have provided you. Derbin, be sure to thank this Krum Higet for blessing us today.” Derbin’s heart had already thanked the Krum Kiget a thousand times and will continue long after the fish has gone away. And with that the fish drifted down the river.
all the kids jumped up and cheered. Even the teacher. “That was awesome! Way to go Derbin!” They patted him on the back. They just about lifted him on their shoulders in celebration. Derbin couldn’t wait to tell KJ and of course his brothers.
“thank you glorious Krum Higet.”

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