Pog Jessie Bogstar

Main group male #1:
Name: Pog Jessie Bogstar

Family: Bogside
Age: 12
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: brown 
Stature: stocky, a little chunky, big boy
Personality: kind hearted. Gentle. He defends his friends.
Talents: rock throw, animal kills, fire starter, history, geography, cooking, and anything musical.
Voice: much bass. deep accent, slow spoken.
Education: (MAY HAVE TO RE-WRITE THIS. I view him as being a super athletic beast. so physical proofs would be his thing.) physical proofs are not his thing (except rock throw), nor are spiritual though he has animal kills down. Intellectual proofs are very hard for him except history and geography. He is no good at math, or chemistry, knot tying and such. musical artistic proofs are amazing for him. He is most definitely the best musician in the village. Scuplting, painting, or carving (unless its a side of lamb) are not his thing. Cooking is obviously one of his strengths. The boy likes to eat…and it shows.
Weaknesses: knot tying and plant/animal/fish calls, math chemistry.
Gage: 4
Rank: farnpot
Father:  Bumog barney Bogstar “bug”
Mother: Bergon cynthia Bogstar
Sister (10): Hindif Diana Bogstar
Sister (8): Padig Vicki Bogstar
Sister (14): Wispin Ruth Bogstar

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