swirling pool

The swirling pool is a very important ritualistic landmark. Many things happen at the swirling pool. A child is given their sign one week after birth. Voting happens at the swirling pool. When a child is born, they are brought to the swirling pool for a bath. After the bath a sign or mark is shown in the pool. This sign is copied on parchment and this becomes the childs mark or sign for their life. This mark is determined by nature and is related to what is in the childs heart.
It will be either water earth wind or fire. Maybe this should include plants animals. Maybe further… like trees shrubs grasses… swimmers flyers climbers runners.  Fish, otters, frogs are swimmers. Birds, bats, and flying insects are flyers. Climbers are squirrels, monkeys. Runners… horses, dogs, deer..etc.
[Many parents choose to tattoo their children with their mark. Mostly on the wrist or forearm.] This Mark begins to show on the neck as a person gets older. Beginning to show a week after ceremony. (Legendary story of one who has no mark. Not public. Maybe only big sam knows because he has out lived everyone. Maybe an ancient coverup.) 
The pool is also used for voting. The people of a family will come to the pool and their hearts will vote. The marks of those chosen people will show in the pool and they are then elected.

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