The Problems with this book

I must determine what the 2 sides are.
Star Wars – Jedi and the dark side
harry potter –  Everyone and the death eaters

Also the story needs to be set up for expected episodes.  Like harry potter and the school years.
Ok so what about this?  Change the environment to Castle fifedom. Heartwind is a little village out side. Winders are “common folk”. Royalty etc. Create some creature similar to a dragon that may attack the castle. And/or the castle is under siege. Derbin has to save the young princess or something. They are considered a cult like religious group that has abilities that others don’t. There is a different type of political system with elders or chosen few to be on a council that determines or advises the king or whatever he is.  Ma6be derbin has long lineage that makes him royalty. Maybe schooling isn’t an important element. Sheep racing is not important. Maybe sax isn’t a winder after all but a royal or upper class.  I think this is the route to go. This would also lead to multiple stories. Different types of conflict. But there must be an underlying story with all of them. In this story a dragon like creature must be destroyed but the other antagonist story must be nurtured to. 

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