Who What

This is players, organizations etc.

So their is a guild or fraternity or organization that regulates the collection of space debris. Union of abandon satellite and galactic debris reclamation units.

There are a number of players within this union. Of course the 2 or 3 super mega chorporate conglomerate that have the top of the line equipment and best support including ai. There is a lot of tension between the big hitters. A lot of corporate espionage. And there are a handful of independent reclamation units.

True fact: current satellite count… 1459 ? And of course that’s what we know about.

Here’s a thing… Of all the satellites that are in the current count… How many are there we don’t know about? How many are alien? What is the protocol when finding an unregistered satellite?

Gene designer company… Custom genes… Create plants that filter toxic waste areas and harvest positive chemicals or metals… Grow clear dome bubbles that are adapted to harsh environments and act as green houses or habitats for humans. Send a pod to Mars… Spread the seeds… Come back 2 years later to wide open habitats that filter oxygen.

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